A Most Holy Place Experience

Starts Friday, April 2, at 6:30pm PT
Live at the Amazing Facts W.O.R.D. Center
Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism
The Speakers
Pastor Doug Batchelor
Doug Batchelor
Pastor Jean Ross
Jean Ross
Pastor Carlos Munoz
Carlos Munoz
Pastor Daniel Hudgens
Daniel Hudgens
Pastor Stephen Bohr
Stephen Bohr
Pastor James Rafferty
James Rafferty
Pastor Don Macintosh
Don Mackintosh
THE SCHEDULE | April 2 – 4
1. Friday @ 6:30pm - Stephen Bohr
Title: The Sanctuary World View
2. Friday @ 7:30pm - James Rafferty
Title: Salvation in the Sanctuary
3. Sab @ 10am - Stephen Bohr
Title: God's Final Message of Love
4. Sab @ 11am - Doug Batchelor
Title: What on Earth Happened in 1844?
5. Sab @ 1:30pm - Daniel Hudgens
Title: For Glory & Beauty
6. Sab @ 2:30pm - Don Mackintosh
Title: The Sanctuary and Daniel’s Prophecies
7. Sab @ 3:30pm - Carlos Muñoz
Title: Thy House is Left Desolate!
8. Sab @ 4:30pm - James Rafferty
Title: Sanctuary Waymarks in revelation
*Sab @ 5:30pm - Snacks/Special Music*
9. Sab @ 6:30pm - Stephen Bohr
Title: Sighing and Crying in Jerusalem
10. Sab @ 7:30pm - LIVE Panel Q&A
11. Sun @ 8:30am - Daniel Hudgens
Title: The Revival of the Beast
12. Sun @ 9:30am - Don Mackintosh
Title: God’s Sanctuary and your Health
13. Sun @ 10:30am - Carlos Muñoz
Title: Why are we still here?
14. Sun @ 11:30am - Jean Ross
Title: The Ultimate Sanctuary
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Presented by Amazing Facts International and Secrets Unsealed, Amazing Sanctuary is an inspiring, thought-provoking weekend series that will guide you on an extraordinary journey through an ancient temple that’s been long forgotten—but one that still has powerful secrets to reveal, not only about your future, but also your eternal salvation.
You Don’t Want to Miss this Inspiring, Power-Packed Event!
Presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor and other dynamic speakers, each lesson will be a life-changing step through God’s beautiful plan of salvation.
Pastor Doug Batchelor
"During Amazing Sanctuary, you will experience a fascinating study of God’s tabernacle, a journey that spans from Genesis to Revelation. Each presentation will highlight a stunning new aspect of this beautiful structure, created to help us understand the plan of salvation. As you explore the sanctuary, it is my prayer that you will meet your heavenly High Priest, Jesus Christ, who always lives to make intercession for you."
—Pastor Doug Batchelor
If you want to re-energize your Christian walk and discover anew God’s deep love for you, don’t miss Amazing Sanctuary!
This series is planned as an in-person event. See "Hotels" below for more information if you’re coming from out of town.
A Divine Design
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This divinely designed temple was based on the sanctuary in heaven, the throne room of God (Exodus 25:9; Hebrews 8:5). Because sin separated us from God, He instructed Moses, "Let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them" (Exodus 25:8). The Lord provided this as a blueprint for salvation, one that points to the Messiah Jesus Christ—a plan on how humanity could once more be united with their Creator.


Amazing Sanctuary is an in-person event hosted at the Amazing Facts W.O.R.D. Center campus:
6605 Sierra College Blvd
Granite Bay, CA 95746
United States
If you are coming from out of town to join us, here is a list of nearby hotels.
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